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Does the sight of your hair in the morning result in a tired sigh of frustration?  Have you come to dread the tedious chore of changing your hairdo for special events because you’re running out of ideas to style your hair?

Is the occasional “bad hair day” becoming a regular occurrence, or even worse, affecting the way you view yourself? If any of these scenarios sound more than a bit familiar, it’s time you took charge of your hair situation.

You no longer have to worry, our hair extensions Chattanooga do all of the work for you and are the answers to all your hair problems. Try our 100% Human Hair, Synthetic, Remy, Great Lengths, Tape In, Sew In & Micro Loop Hair Extensions, Wefted & so many more that are like nothing you’ve ever seen and will make you  look absolutely fabulous.

Our products will significantly improve your sense of well-being, leaving you looking and feeling great. Custom made and hand sewn directly from Brazil, Europe and India, you can say goodbye to looking down at your feet as you pass people on the sidewalk—one look in the mirror will tell you that your full head of hair is drop-dead awesome.

Put yourselves in our very capable hands and many years of qualified experience. Call us up today to experience great service and the best hair extensions information in town!

How much are Hair Extension Prices and What is the process?

Worried about blowing a hole through your pocket? Not to worry. Our products pricing depends largely on the type of extension you want (how long, how thick, etc.), the method of attachment to be used, the type of hair used, and the expertise of our professionals working their magic. Whatever style you decide, you can expect only the best quality from our hair professionals without blowing a hole through your pocket book.

What are the different ways of attaching extensions?

No matter what kind of hair texture you now have, we are highly capable of finding the right kind of extensions for you, with the perfect method of attachment suited to your budget and preferred style. There are three popular ways of attaching different types of hair extensions: the weft, clip-on and strand by strand methods.

Strand-by-strand methods

It might sound like a lot of work, but attaching hair extensions strand by strand is the safest (and subsequently healthiest) method there is. Put your locks in our capable hands as we take small pieces of hair extensions and carefully attach them one by one to sections of your natural hair strands.

The extensions stick to your strands due to warm or cold bonding, shrink tubing, micro tubes or clamping, though there are also experts who may use the more traditional weaving or glue methods. Because each strand supports its own weight, these extensions feel the lightest and our expertise ensures that they blend right in with your natural hairdo and we specialize in Afro-textured hair.

Weft Hair Extensions

Are you no longer satisfied with short bobs and extensions that aren’t quite long enough for you? Consider getting weft extensions put in by our experts! Wefts are absolutely great if you want your hair to look much longer than it really is.

These are usually several inches long, with the weft attached together with a section of hair at the top and then allowed to hang freely down. Wefts are applied one row (or track) of hair at a time instead of strand by strand.

To use micro rings, we place the wefts right on the divided section of hair. One natural hair strand and one weft strand are taken and joined together—both of them pulled through a micro ring which is later flattened. Simply repeat this process with several other strands from the weft and the scalp.

Taped hair extensions  are also called skin wefts. These are relatively new variations of the weft method, wherein the weft is attached to the head using double transparent sided polyurethane tape. The weft is applied directly to the scalp, with one piece of tape torn off so the weft can be attached underneath. Glued weft extensions are much more straightforward: you place glue on the sewed part of the weft, which is then placed in the client’s hair.

If you have braided hair, you’re in for a special treat. Weft extensions are a great (not to mention practical choice) for braids. We create one spiral cornrow that goes right around your head, with straight ones to indicate the hair layers. The wefts are then sewed into these cornrows, and you have your own hair extensions that go fabulously with your braids.

The major advantage of weft extensions is that they take much less time to do than if you use the strand-by-strand method. In addition, they are also much less expensive.

Micro loop Hair Extensions

If you want to add length, fullness, color without chemicals and body then Micro Loop Hair Extensions are for you. Why are so many consumers patronizing micro ring extensions you ask?  That is because they add versatility to styling and can either be used as a protective device while growing natural hair or simply to make a change in one’s overall look.

Micro ring extensions are the Ferrari of extensions and are best for people who have thin hair that makes clip in hair extensions not possible. Also for people who have problems styling their short hair benefit greatly from this option.

What types of hair extensions for short hair are there?

Do you have established allergic reactions to certain hair types? Are you tired of getting strange skin reactions to extension products? Don’t settle for less. There’s usually more than one type of hair available for synthetic hair extensions, but the best type is Remy hair.

Remy hair looks the most like real hair, and still has an intact cuticle. Other hair types may no longer have the cuticle and processed with silicon, which can cause drying out, tangling and matting of your natural hair strands. If you’re looking for a more natural look with less worrying about maintenance issues, go for Remy type hair.

When it comes to the look and care of your hair, our experience, quality and commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. So pick up your phone and Call Us now for the best hair extensions services in town.

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